The greatest attention
does not necessarily
lie in the largest

Every new year is the same ritual; we list our intentions for the coming year.
But because some people make resolutions and others keep them, we prefer to offer you a good deed this year! #StoryDoing.

And since the greatest intention does not necessarily lie in the biggest packages, we suggest you support a cause and start 2023 with a great initiative!

In partnership with the Captain Cause platform, we have selected four projects that make sense for you and us.

Discover them, and let’s make this new year full of optimism together!

The whole team wishes you
all the best for
this new year.
It’s up to you now!

Choose the project you want to be involved in.

Sport in the City

Invested for more than 20 years in supporting young people from priority neighborhoods in their search for training and employment, Sport dans la Ville has recently developed a new program called "Passe Décisive" to help young people who are far from employment or training return to work.

The association Sport dans la Ville has been present in Marseille since 2019 with the creation of soccer and basketball fields in the Frais-Vallon and Consolat-Mirabeau neighborhoods. These fields currently support 250 young people in sports and 150 young people in professional integration.

800 €

15 000 €


The Stethoscope Clowns

Our action aims to improve the quality of the children's and their parents' stays in the hospital's services; most of the children are hospitalized for several months.

During these unique and personalized encounters with the clowns, the child can play again, regain contact with his or her "normality" as a child, and thus better accept care. These interventions are carried out in close collaboration with the nursing staff, always ensuring the well-being of the child and his or her family.

6 784 €

24 000 €



Lost fishing nets impact biodiversity: they physically destroy the habitat and chemically contaminate the food chain of marine ecosystems. These nets, most often lost accidentally, must be removed from the seabed as soon as possible to minimize their impact on biodiversity.

2 281 €

10 000 €



Some key facts to remember:
+ Greenhouse gas emissions linked to digital technology represent the same weight as the aviation sector (source: Shift Project)
+ A 15 year old spends an average of 8.5 hours a day behind a screen (source: HBCS survey)
+ The digital sector has only 30% of women in its workforce (source: Numeum)

Despite its potential, digital technology also faces major social and environmental challenges: the earlier we teach these issues, the more citizens will be able to adopt responsible digital practices.

5 229 €

15 000 €


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